Ronda Rousey hijacks WWE Fastlane to set up huge Wrestlemania match

Ronda Rousey is set for a Wrestlemania 35 match with Becky Lynch AND Charlotte Flair after she hijacked their Fastlane showdown.

Lynch saw her feud with Vince McMahon end with her losing her spot in a Wrestlemania match with champion Rousey to be replaced by Flair.

The Man faced Flair knowing a win could see her force her way into a triple threat match with Rousey next month – yet it appeared she would miss out.

Flair had Lynch ready to tap out before Rousey emerged from nowhere to disrupt the match and hand Lynch victory by DQ.

It now means Rousey gets her wish and will have the chance to fight rival Lynch on the biggest stage with Flair also in the mix.

Rousey interfered in Lynch vs Flair at Fastlane


The shock twist stunned fans and sets up a fascinating championship match at Wrestlemania 35 – but not all fans were convinced.

Some slammed the inclusion of Flair in the Wrestlemania event, with most believing Rousey should get to face Lynch one on one to settle their differences once and for all.

After the Fastlane twist, one fan stated they “don’t care about Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey anymore” because “The WWE has killed my interest in the Raw women’s championship match at WrestleMania”.

A triple threat title match will now take place at Wrestlemania


Others felt the storyline “made ZERO sense” and that Ronda’s interference was “the worst heel move of all time”.

There were also criticisms that Rousey’s interference rendered the match between Lynch and Flair at Fastlane “pointless” and “ruined this whole program”.

There is nonetheless plenty of time for twists and turns on the Road to Wrestlemania despite the final pay-per-view stop being over.

Some are buying into the storyline, with one stating they are “totally into this whole story”.

The battle between Lynch, Rousey and Flair will generate plenty of interest – particularly given strong rumours former UFC champion Rousey could take a break from the company after the massive event.


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