Robert Pattinson doesn’t think Batman is a superhero

New Batman actor Robert Pattinson has suggested that the Caped Crusader is “not a superhero”.

The actor is due to take over the role of the iconic DC character from Ben Affleck in The Batman, but he’s since opined that the character’s lack of “magical powers” discounts him from the superhero club.

“Batman’s not a superhero!” he told TODAY with Willie Geist when the word came up.


“It’s weird, I always balk at it… it doesn’t count – you need to have magical powers to be a superhero,” Pattinson added.

However, when the host noted that Batman has a cape, the star admitted: “Yeah, I’ll give you that one.”

In the same interview Pattinson also reflected on landing the role and admitted he hoped it would not be as big as his career-making role in Twilight where he played vampire Edward Cullen.

Robert Pattinson willow
Robert Pattinson

“There’s a part of me that just thinks it’s impossible to be what happened with Twilight because it was so sudden,” he said. “And now I’m hoping it won’t be people hanging out outside my place. I just think I’m kind of boring and old now.”

Meanwhile, last month Pattinson suggested that Jennifer Lopez could play Batman while chatting with the actress for Variety’s Actors on Actors series.

“You could be [Batman] as well!” he said, the actress responding: “I could be Batman! Why not! I think as an actor, it would be fun to explore.”

The Batman has a US release date of June 25, 2021. No UK release date has been confirmed yet.


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