Riverdale cast: Who plays Bret Weston Wallace? Who is Sean Depner?

Season four of Riverdale is shaping up to be the most exciting run yet as the mystery surrounding Jughead Jones (played by Cole Sprouse) deepens. The CW show also saw the intense and moody teenager getting a scholarship to the exclusive school Stonewall Prep thanks to his impressive writing skills. However, things were far from plain sailing as he quickly made an enemy in the form of Bret Weston Wallace (Sean Depner).

There’s also been speculation the character will be the one behind Jughead’s disappearance.

Jughead got a warning from another student about Bret’s intentions to launch “psychological warfare” on him with the teen in danger.

Bret has already shown his disdain for Jughead due to his rough background and admitting he can’t relate to him because of what he’s been through.

The latest episode also saw both Jughead and Bret losing out in a writing competition with the latter vowing to take out his anger on his nemesis.

The character is a play on American Psycho, Less Than Zero and The Rules of Attraction author Bret Easton Ellis.

Given Riverdale loves all things meta and is a pop culture pastiche, audiences are likely to get some American Psycho references in this season.

Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre Sacasa wrote the book for the musical version of American Psycho, so further homages are possible.

Who plays Bret Weston Wallace?

The role of Bret is taken on by rising Canadian star Depner, who is a worthy adversary to hero Jughead.

Depner will be familiar to fans of supernatural Netflix drama The Order, which aired earlier this year, and saw the actor portray Jonas.

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The actor also starred in Deadly Class as Viktor and The Support Group in 2016.

Speaking to Comic-Con Radio, Depner said: “I love Viktor, I love him dearly, he’s my boy. When I read the comic, he’s my favourite character flat-out.”

He went to reflect on his performance, explaining: “Viktor has a physicality that’s different from Sean.

“I do have my resting Viktor face which is a bit of an eyebrow cock like he stands taller than I do.”

He said he couldn’t just do the Russian accent on cue because it was so tied in the physicality of the character of Viktor.

Depner added: “Just being Viktor around normal people, I feel like I’m being rude and aggressive, which is what he’s like.

“So I’m like, ‘I can do the accent but give me a second.’

“Then I straighten up and be all condescending to them. So the accent, the physicality, it’s all wrapped together.”

Depner’s other roles including small parts in The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco, The Killing and Supernatural.

Depner has worked as a director on short film Chain of Fools and Biff Cosmos: The American Star Man.

Riverdale is released weekly on Netflix UK on Thursdays from 8am


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