‘Right up my street’ scream fans as new Milkybar buttons spotted in Asda – and it’s inspired by a classic ice cream

ASDA shoppers are going wild for new Milkybar buttons spotted on the shelves.

The supermarket has a new Raspberry Ripple flavour of the popular chocolate treat.

Chocolate fans love this new flavour of Milkybar buttons spotted on the shelves


Chocolate fans love this new flavour of Milkybar buttons spotted on the shelvesCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk

One eagle-eyed chocolate lover who had managed to get their hands on a bag posted in the Newfoodsuk Facebook group.

The post read: “Brand new Milkybar raspberry ripple ice cream buttons. These are pretty good!

“The raspberry flavour is strong but works very well with the white chocolate, now available at Asda.”

Other chocolate fans rushed to comment and the post quickly racked up over 1k likes and 900 comments.

One person said: “I’ll be buying these at the weekend.”

Another added: “These look delicious.”

While a third commented: “These are right up my street.”

The post did not say how much a pack of the new Milkybar buttons is so we had a look online to try and find out.

While the product is listed on the Iceland website it says “this product is currently unavailable” and there is no price showing.

The new flavour isn’t showing on the Asda website at the moment either.

However, a 94g bag of the standard white chocolate Milkybar buttons is currently £1.35 on the Sainsbury’s website.

Just because it isn’t showing online does not mean that it isn’t on the shelves in other supermarkets so keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, The Sun has reached out to Nestle and will update here when we know more.

Meanwhile, new chocolate treats have been hitting the supermarket shelves at some speed in 2024.

Aldi shoppers have recently been rushing to buy an “unreal” chocolate treat that tastes just like a discontinued Cadbury snack.

Elsewhere Cadbury fans are getting excited for a new cookie based on an Easter favourite hitting the shelves.

Also, Asda shoppers have been rushing to buy an Easter egg that’s based on an iconic flavour.

A limited edition chocolate bar has also been spotted on the shelves of Poundland this year – and it’s laced with an Easter favourite.


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