Richard Osman Twitter: Pointless presenter speaks out on 'awkward' TV moment

The brainbox, 48, is best known for his role on Pointless but is also a presenter, producer, director and all-round TV enthusiast. Yesterday, Richard Osman told his 772,000 Twitter followers about a recurring line from the BBC’s Money for Nothing which always makes him cringe. “There are very few moments on TV more awkward than when they ask what people would do with the £30 profit on ‘Monday for Nothing’,” he said. The series’ host Sarah Moore soon replied, quipping: “Who knew so many people cared?”

“I’m such a fan of the show,” Richard told her. “But I do feel for you in those moments. And the poor producer who has had to brief them.”

When Sarah revealed they were about to start filming the next series, the Pointless favourite tweeted: “That’s great news.

“Tell them from me that you don’t need to ask that question unless someone wants to answer it,” he advised.

“I met Jay [Blades] the other day and embarrassed myself by going on too long about how much I love the show. Happy filming!”

“Consider them told,” Sarah responded. “But one last time, what would you do with £30 you weren’t expecting?

See you at 3.45 on BBC1 for more of the same. And thank you for watching.”

In addition to co-hosting Pointless, Richard also created the long-running BBC quiz show.

The premise of the series sees teams of two members of the public, or sometimes celebrities, attempt to come up with the most obscure correct answers to general knowledge questions.

Pointless first aired in 2009 and has shown 21 series to date.

Meanwhile, Richard Osman previously revealed what he really thinks about Pointless co-star Alexander Armstrong.

Speaking at the Radio Times Covers Party last year, he joked: “I’m a very patient man. He’s a very difficult man.

“He has drinking issues,” he jibed humorously.

Joking aside, Richard added: “We’ve known each other a long time. I love him.

“We’ve never, in 1,400 episodes or however many we’ve done, had a falling out.

“He’s so enthusiastic about everything which is great,” he praised.

“He couldn’t be more generous as a friend and a co-performer.”

Pointless airs weekdays at 5.10pm on BBC One.


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