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Richard Hammond 'heartbroken' after flood at home destroys prized possession: 'It's dead'

The Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond, 51, has admitted he lost his beloved Morgan Plus Six car due to flooding at his home at Christmas. Richard’s sad news was shared in a new interview with DriveTribe, which was posted on Twitter with the caption: “This is heartbreaking for Hammond.”

The BMW-powered vehicle was spec’d by the DriveTribe audience, who helped the former Top Gear host to customise its interior.

Richard got onto the upsetting subject when presenter Mike Fernie asked him about the audience getting involved in another one of his car projects.

To which he recalled: “Last time the audience spoke was determining the interior on my Morgan.”

“That went well,” Mike replied.

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Turning to the camera to address viewers, Richard added: “I’m really very sorry. 

“Thank you for your assistance with deciding on the interior colour, I loved it for the nearly a year that it existed.

“But sadly, it no longer does.”

Richard was speaking from his home has at Bollitree Castle, where he has lived with his wife Mindy since 2008.


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