‘Resist at EVERY level!’ Furious Northern Irish unionists send Johnson dire Brexit warning

Mr Allister, the leader of the Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) party, foresees a disturbing trajectory of events for those that wish to maintain the union, warning “through the path of economic unity we can anticipate the political unity of with the Republic of Ireland”. He added: “ will remain in the orbit of the European Union and the Republic of Ireland and in time that will inevitably orientate its economy away from Great Britain and towards the Irish Republic, ultimately it is a relatively short step from economic unity to political unity.” Many in the loyalist and unionist communities suspect the same process that turned the EU from an economic union into its present political entity may be replicated on the island of Ireland.

A process that achieved political unity “through a customs union, getting rid of borders and having the single market” Mr Allister asserts.

This suspicion has been echoed by former loyalist paramilitary prisoner Gary Blair, who told an audience during the Open Doors seminar in Toomebridge, County Antrim, “we never joined the EU, we joined the Common Market, an economic market, not a political powerhouse where we surrender sovereignty to a foreign power in return for less than we put in”.

The rural unionist from County Antrim was reported in the Belfast Telegraph as saying that, “in 1973, when Britain joined the European Economic Community, it was a common market, with countries seeking to help each other.

“It was never a political force.

“The superstate morphed into something that we were never part of.

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“The fear now is, being pro-Brexit, that economic agreement back in the early 1970s somehow became a political force and a political unit.

“Boris Johnson’s border in the Irish Sea will put Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as an economic unit.

“Our fear would be how long will it be before it becomes one political unit?”

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Emboldened by his Westminster majority, it has been reported in The Times that Boris Johnson may outlaw any extension for Brexit trade talks after the end of next year, increasing the possibility of the UK crashing out with no deal and taking Northern Ireland with it.

But, Mr Allister still believes there is “no doubt that Northern Ireland is going to remain within the EU customs union and the single market, subject to the EU’s customs code and tariffs for which we will have no control”.

Although, the TUV leader is against Northern Ireland retaining the three MEPs that represent its interests at the European Parliament, arguing that this would only portray Northern Ireland as having consented to the “betrayal”.

Mr Allister has asserted unionism and loyalism most take action and oppose the current deal, saying “there certainly is a realisation across unionism that this betrayal agreement is incompatible with their position as a long term member of the UK”.

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He said: “This deal has to be resisted at every level politically.

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“The Prime Minister’s party cannot call themselves the Conservative and Unionist Party and break up the union at the same time, there is a political battle to be fought.”

Northern Ireland’s political landscape has jolted to the moderate centre after the general election.

The DUP are in disarray, as their confidence and supply arrangement with the Tories was rewarded with the antithesis of their doctrine, a border down the Irish Sea.

The Conservatives, with their healthy majority, do not need the DUP, and so Arlene Foster’s party needs the Assembly more than ever.

In a desperate attempt to bolster their waning power the DUP’s Sammy Wilson has urged the Prime Minister to build a bridge across the Irish Sea in order to protect the union that Mr Wilson helped jeopardise by voting against Theresa May’s UK-wide backstop.

Their opposition to Mrs May’s meaningful vote facilitated the return of the default, original Northern Ireland only backstop.

The Prime Minister’s deal may well “get Brexit done” for the vast majority of the UK, but with one sacrifice, Northern Ireland will be the “collateral damage”.


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