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Research Shows Aggressive Video Games Are Not Causing Youth Aggression –

The research study had several controlled variables (age, sex, family, income, etc.), but aggressive video games (AVG) exposure did not predict aggression. 

Evidence from the research findings that published in Springer’s Psychiatric Quarterly did not support the common belief that AVG exposure is a risk factor for future aggression in youth.

“A Preregistered Longitudinal Analysis of Aggressive Video Games and Aggressive Behavior in Chinese Youth” is based on research conducted by Chris Ferguson, PhD, professor of psychology at Stetson University. The research study examined the longitudinal links between AVG use and aggression in a large sample of Chinese youth using preregistered analyses. 

In the recently published journal article, participants in the two-year study were drawn from a pre-existing database of Chinese youth. There were 1,340 participants and 45.1 percent who were male.

Dr. Ferguson is a video game expert and available to discuss his aggressive video game research findings. Below you will find the journal article and faculty profile links. I can assist with scheduling interviews if you’re interested in speaking with Dr. Ferguson.


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