Renew Your Mind, Body And Soul This Spring

Taking cues from Eastern traditions, The Ritual of Sakura collection from Rituals invites us to celebrate each day as a new beginning. It’s a movement inspired by the long-standing Japanese tradition of welcoming spring, called “Hanami”.

During Hanami, friends and families gather to observe the beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms trees as they come to life, and to celebrate nature’s regeneration. The Ritual of Sakura collection mirrors this sentiment with a range of bath, body and home products that focus on renewing your mind and body. Delicate cherry blossom fragrance sticks offer an uplifting aroma, while an iconic foaming shower gel makes your daily cleansing routine feel positively spa-like. Japan’s celebration of Sakura season – and of love and joy – is a powerful reminder for us to take time out to invest in ourselves, and choose to indulge in beauty rituals.

Just like traditional Japanese rituals, The Ritual of Sakura collection encourages ceremonial steps. Begin your experience with the invigorating body scrub – the perfect way to kick-start your day – follow with the shower foam, which leaves your body beautifully scented with cherry blossom, then apply the body cream to nourish your skin with organic rice milk. Finish with a spritz of the bed and body mist to leave a lasting scent of The Ritual of Sakura all day – carry it around so you can top up when you need a moment of calm. The collection promises to deliver a sensorial experience that will stay with you long after you have completed your personal ritual.

Discover the entire The Ritual of Sakura collection on, and visit one of Rituals’ stores to get pampered with a complimentary The Ritual of Sakura treatment.

Ready to renew your spring beauty routine? Discover some of the key beauty steps of The Ritual of Sakura.


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