Remainer crackdown: EU considers dress code after Lib Dems wear anti-Brexit T-shirts

Officials are reportedly concerned about MEPs wearing bright yellow tops with the words “B***** to Brexit” on them, according to the Daily Mail. There are fears the Lib Dems could wear the T-shirts again when British members have their final full sitting in January. This will co-incide with the UK leaving the EU on January 31. 

MEPs and members often appear to take a relaxed approach to their attire in the chambers.

Minutes seen by the Mail also cited members sometimes wearing hooded jumpers and sunglasses.

The minutes state a ‘draft proposal for amendments to the Bureau Rules governing access to and attendance in the chamber’ has been drawn up.

This is a bid to crackdown on “insulting messages and offensive or discriminatory behaviour”.

The Lib Dems failed in their bid to block Brexit during this month’s general election. 

Boris Johnson retained his role as Prime Minister by winning with a Tory majority of 80. 

Part of Mr Johnson’s successful general election campaign was to “get Brexit done”.

And Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson was humiliated after losing her seat in East Dunbartonshire to the SNP.

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Ms Swinson also quickly resigned after Amy Callaghan won her seat.

But the Lib Dems have still vowed to block the UK leaving the EU, despite their loss. 

The party wrote on Twitter: “Liberal Democrats will continue to oppose Brexit and fight for the closest possible relationship with Europe, preventing tariffs and other trade barriers, protecting rights and security co-operation.”

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Shortly after the election, the House of Commons voted to back Mr Johnson’s Brexit bill.

The bill was overwhelmingly supported and will see the UK ditch the EU on January 31.

It was passed by 358 votes to 234 – sealing a huge 124-vote majority.

The Lib Dems were among those not to back it.

Their 11 MPs voted against the government.


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