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Red River High School students hope video games are the next… – Grand Forks Herald

This is the first year for the game club, and it has already grown to nearly 50 members.

But administrators hope these kids will soon be playing e-sports on teams all across the state.

“We wanted kids to have some game that was competitive,” said Mark Rerick, Director of Athletics. “Certainly that was collaborative so that we can build all those character based aspects that we use our other activities for.”

A handful of schools are already forming game clubs now.

They hope to play each other as clubs next year with the hope of returning in the fall of 2020 as North Dakota High School Sports Association athletes.

But they’ll need at least a dozen more schools to get on-board.

The students won’t be playing any first person shooter games like Fortnite.

Instead, they’ll be playing League of Legends and Rocket League.

Game play is hosted through Play Vs, a company that schedules match-ups.

“It’s something that needs to be recognized as something everybody can do,”said Senior Jacob Filipy. “It’s not taboo or anything.”

Students say communication, cooperation and teamwork are some fundamental skills they’ve learned while playing.

“Some students have these cool skills that the I guess the majority of students don’t recognize,” said Tjellesen.“It’s a great way to let them show off their skills.”

At Red River, costs will likely be minimal.

Students can play using existing computers in their labs.

And they don’t have to leave campus to compete.

“I think video games are really important part of society and just like any other media bringing people together,” said Tjellesen.

The next generation of sports.

The athletic director for Grand Forks Public Schools says it takes as many as three students to start a team.


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