Red Dead Online Weekly Update COUNTDOWN: 21 April, Release time, Featured Series, Discounts & more

We countdown to next week’s latest update for Red Dead Online; here’s what could be coming.

Red Dead Redemption Online, as ever, is one of the best ways to escape the sometimes quite dull reality of lockdown.

With gaming reaching new highs and social distancing still very much in effect, people are looking to ways to feel connection at such a challenging time.

Red Dead Online has been there to help in this regard, with weekly updates and rewards.

Let’s take a look at what’s been released so far, and what we could see next week.

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Release Date

Red Dead Online’s weekly updates arrive every Tuesday.

The next update may come on 21 April.

Free Roam Events

Last update, we saw a number of free roam events with players battling to wear the Golden Armour in Fool’s Gold, asserting control in King of the Castle and Railroad Baron, or seeing who could catch the most in Fishing Challenges.

With the Free Roam Events in Red Dead Online last week rewarding player with 50% Bonuses on XP, RDO$ and Gold – we could see some more events with similarly inciting incentives!

red dead online horse
HORSE POWER: Roam around the world of Red Dead Online and be rewarded handsomely!

New Clothing

Who doesn’t like to look the part when roaming around the Wild West?

Last week’s updates to The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue saw a selection of clothing items return to its pages for a limited time only (27 April).

red dead online
BULL’S EYE: New eye-patches made an appearance last week

There was something for everyone, from coats to hats, vest to chaps. It could be the case that we see even more interesting outfits made available.

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Featured Series

Last week saw the Last Stand featured series, where players returned to the prison island off the shores of Lemoyne.

red dead last stand
STANDING OVATION: The latest Featured Series definitely stood up to expectations

The newest random weapon variation of Last Stand took you back to where it all began in Red Dead Online, the unfriendly confines of Sisika Penitentiary.

Could we expect to revisit another iconic destination? We’ll have to wait to see next week.


Last week’s discounts were plentiful indeed!

  • 30% off all Shotguns
  • 30% off all Bandoliers
  • 30% Off all Multi-class Horses
  • 70% off all Emotes
  • 50% off all Melee weapons
  • 80% off all Ability Cards

We could expect to see a new range of discounts coming in hot next week, on anything from weapons to ability cards!

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