Reba McEntire's Super Bowl national anthem leaves fans furious and mocking Chiefs player

Reba McEntire has been praised for her rendition of the national anthrm at the Super Bowl – but some viewers are furious.

The world’s eyes are on the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada – with the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the San Fransisco 49ers.

The length of the national anthem has become one of the biggest draws for Super Bowl betters, as many analysts have looked into the data from previous years.

This year’s over/under for the length of the national anthem was at 90.5 seconds, and CBS Sports noted that Reba has never approached 90 seconds in any of her past public performances.

But Reba held on for one massive final note and got to well over that amount, so fans who betted on the under were not pleased.

Earlier this week, Reba spoke about singing the national anthem to millions of football fans.

“It means a lot. I haven’t sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl, I’m honored beyond words to be chosen to sing it,” she said.

“It means I get to sing a really special song. As I said earlier, it’s not about me, I’m the representation of this song and I’m just honored to get to sing it.

“I’ve been doing this for 50 years and I’m really proud to get to sing it.”

When asked how she’s preparing, Reba said: “I prepare by being prepared. I’ve been singing the national anthem in the shower, when we get in the car. Rex, my boyfriend, is a huge football fan so he’ll say ‘sing it one more time’. I say, ‘I think I know the words pretty good by now’.

“Just to be prepared, and knowing everybody is going to be singing it with me, that helps. Just to be prepared when you walk out there.”

Reba explained that she has previously attended the Super Bowl when the Cowboys were there.

“I’ve gotten to go to one, when the Dallas Cowboys played,” she said.

“But I love Las Vegas. My first time here was in ’83. Getting to come back now to sing at the Super Bowl, the first time the Super Bowl has been in Las Vegas, Nevada, this is a first for a lot of things and I’m just tickled to pieces to be a part of it.”


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