Queen Elizabeth II’s secret skill while on royal tours revealed – ‘it’s the real Queen’

Queen Elizabeth II has ventured to all corners of the globe during her lengthy reign. Since her ascension in 1953 the Queen, 92, has ventured to more than 120 countries alone, or accompanied by her husband Prince Philip and her family. The UK’s longest-serving monarch plays a key role in maintaining diplomatic relations with other states, particularly those in the Commonwealth, as well as promoting the crown. Yet one key facet of her character has been ever present.

It has helped her secure success on her numerous royal excursions, according to royal biographer, Robert Hardman.

In his new book, Queen of the World, he has detailed what he classes as the “real” Queen and her conduct.

Talking of Prince Charles’ mother, he wrote: “These are occasions when outsiders catch a real glimpse of the Queen.

“One quality many have noted is her calmness.

“Even on her way to one of the most important and sensitive tours of the entire reign, the 2011 state visit to Ireland, the Queen gave no indication of any nerves, though the rest of her entourage were decidedly on edge.”

William Hague, her foreign secretary recalled in the book: “There were no signs of tension

“You could have imagined they were just going for a nice day out.

“She was quite calm. She had already mastered everything.”

The Queen often appears cheery and pleasant when captured out and about.

She promotes a caring, friendly demeanour when meeting others during such official overseas trips, which are often restricted to tight schedules and require significant entourages.

Yet the great-grandmother’s hidden “terror” during such visits has now come to light.

Royal writer Kitty Kelley has shone light on the Queen’s less than confident side in her recent book.

The Royals details the difference in character between the monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh, 96, during their official state trips abroad.

She said during such occasions, Queen Elizabeth II appeared to feel “self conscious” about “the gaps in her education.”

Kitty wrote: “Philip chatted with anyone about anything, while Elizabeth worried constantly about what to say.”


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