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Voxel School, the professional school of digital arts located in Madrid, has designed three new advanced master’s degrees focused on AAA video games, cinema and advertising by the need for industry specialization. It is the only educational institution in Spain that offers advanced master’s degrees and thus forms some of the profiles most demanded by companies in the sector: Character Artist, Environment Artist, Technical VFX Artist for Videogames and Modeler and Texture Artist for AAA Videogames (superproduction) . Digital arts studios and production companies continue to require specialized professionals who can play a specific role within digital production pipelines.

These advanced master’s degrees are backed by prestigious studies and professionals, who accompany the students throughout the course:

Secret 6 Inc, a successful outsourcing studio specialized in art for AAA videogames with offices in California, Manila and Madrid, and which has worked on such important titles as the Uncharted saga, The Last of Us, Shadow of the Tomb Raider or The Witcher. Many of its professionals are teachers and students of advanced master’s degrees can complete their training through professional practices in real projects within the studio. UserT38, Design and Postproduction studio that won a Goya for best Special Effects for the film Handia and with a long history in film and advertising.

Some of the professionals who guide and tutor students are: Joaquin Otazu, Studio Head of Secret 6 Madrid, with extensive experience in the industry and with work on projects such as Call of Duty WWII, Medievil or Walking Dead; Eduardo Nodar, Environment Artist in games like Arena of Valor and founder of Kraken 3D Studio; Miguel Arribas, Technical VFX artist of cinema in films as relevant as Angel Has Fallen, Hitman III, Rambo V or Hellboy III and Technical VFX artist of videogames in Krashland; ngel Blanco, Lead Artist at Secret 6 Madrid or Antonio Pons, Lead Artist at Secret 6 Madrid.



The 4 advanced master’s degrees that Voxel School offers today

Advanced Master of Modeling and Texturing for Video Games AAA

Advanced Master in Modeling and Texturing for Video Games AAA

Focuses on the most qualified artistic profiles of 3D modeler and texturizer required by studios that develop high-end video game productions. The training includes the correct optimization of 3D geometry, various retopology methods, application of advanced mapping techniques and the latest lighting and material creation techniques. It has great success stories from former students, who are already working on large productions within companies such as Secret 6 Inc. or Elite 3D.

3D modeling and texturing in prestigious studios

Advanced Master in Character Artist

Advanced Master in Character Artist

It focuses on the comprehensive development of high-quality character creation for top-level productions, such as film, video games and advertising. It covers the pre-production part (concept art and design) up to production, including the entire modeling, retopology and texturing phase, and taking into account the technical characteristics of topology, fabric simulation along with the more artistic aspects such as final finishing of the texture of the skin, hair or clothing.


Advanced Master in Environment Artist

Advanced Master in Environment Artist

It is designed to specialize the student in the design and creation of large-scale environments and ecosystems for film, video games and advertising. An Environment Artist is in charge of conceiving digital environments from their conceptualization to their technical execution, both in 2D and 3D, using techniques such as matte painting, 3D modeling, sculpting, procedural creation of elements and the population of vast environments.

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Artist environments creaci

Advanced Master in Technical VFX Artist for Video Games

Advanced Master in Technical VFX Artist

It specializes the student in the realization and creating visual effects and procedural modeling in a high-end video game production, managing the workflow offered by the Houdini program for the creation of the VFX, which will later be imported and edited in the engine while the final result is displayed in real time.

Master in Visual Effects and Procedural Modeling

Learn more about these master’s degrees on the Voxel School website


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