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The PS5, also known as Playstation 5It will be the new Sony console that will enter the market for the new generation of video games. For his part, Microsoft is leaving everything on the table with the Xbox Series X, its next desktop machine that will arrive loaded with a large number of exclusives to beat its compete in the eternal fight of the consoles.

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Both will arrive at approximately the same time to become the new benchmarks in the video game industry, implementing with their arrival functionalities that were previously seen as impossible, but that will now be the standard for any company that wants to create new titles for both consoles.

And it’s not just about one backward compatibility with its previous installments, but both PS5 as the Xbox Series X They are paving the way for the next generation, one that will keep all gamers in the world busy for at least five years or more, making an impact on how they play and how to enjoy the new IPs in these beasts of Sony and Microsoft.

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But what exactly functionalities are the ones that will come with the PS5 and the Xbox Series X that will change the industry? Although each of these consoles will have their own catalog of exclusive and shared games, the truth is that they will also share some quality standards with the most demanding games to stay competitive in the market and point in the same direction. Here we present some of them.


Improvements to smaller update uploads and downloads (Photo: Sony)

As is known, both consoles will have integrated SSD they are much more expensive than a hard drive 2TB. That’s a problem, because the games seem to keep growing instead of keeping up with small sizes. For his part, Microsoft is working to make games look as good as they do now, while reducing the size of their files to a fraction of what they were before.

The trick is what’s called Machine learning. Game developers can take all of their data-grabbing high-resolution textures, use them to train an algorithm for IA and send the game with smaller versions of those same textures. The algorithm then takes those blurry textures and rescals them intelligently as you play, with no loss of detail and minimal impact on performance. Hopefully, this will allow games to receive fewer updates and focus resources on necessary system data.


There will be smaller or non-existent loading times in the future (Photo: Project Cars 3)

A few years ago, video game veterans remember to put on the recharge Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and make a sandwich in time for the game to finish loading. So that Sony showed about the PS5This will improve considerably in the next generation, due to the way it reduces the loading speeds in Spider-man of PS4 to a tenth of what they were before. Microsoft hasn’t done a great deal for Xbox Series XBut there is no reason to suppose that the company will be left behind.

One of the key objectives for Sony and Microsoft is to reduce any possible friction between users and their games, and long load times are one of the main points of conflict that affect both companies. Some users have already found relief from this generation’s long loads by swapping their own memory drives for solid-state ones, but they hope the results will be even more impressive when the technology is specially designed and no-load from the start.


FPS improvements for games on PS5 and Xbox Series X (Photo: Fortnite)

If some years ago we believed that the maximum resolution of a game would be 1080, and then go to 2K and the 4K, the integration of the PS5 and the Xbox One X promises to further enhance the resolution format for future games, positioning Triple A’s with a minimum resolution of 4K and reach the maximum of 8K, also giving rise to televisions to improve their image quality.

In that same sense, the frames per second will also reach a minimum, which in this case would be 60 FPS. Already with the older generation there seemed to be a problem with even reaching 60 FPS from time to time, ranking some games with a base rate of 30 arguing that this was due to the graphic quality. For the next generation, this will not serve as an excuse.


PS5: Will PS4 games be playable on the PlayStation 5? (Photo: Sony)

Graphics power used to grow by leaps and bounds between console generations, but even as graphics get closer to photorealismConsole width one point at a time, console makers still want to continue to impress us with new sensory experiences, so they are now turning their attention to our ears.

Both the PS5 as the Xbox Series X they will have hardware dedicated exclusively to better sound in games; PS5 it goes specifically for “3D audio”, while Microsoft it is focusing on “spatial sound” with “dedicated hardware acceleration”. Gaming sound configurations vary greatly from player to player, from expensive surround sound systems to a colorful spectrum of headphones. That said, if Microsoft and Sony They can achieve this, they will open a new avenue of experimental improvements to explore throughout this generation and beyond.


Google Stadia (Photo: Google)

The slow start of Google Stadia It shouldn’t fool anyone – game streaming may still be in its awkward baby phase right now, but it’s only getting bigger. Between Playstation now and Project xCloud, Sony and Microsoft They already have years of experience in cloud gaming under their respective belts. The question remains how they will use all of that experience to enhance their consoles that are also meant to play games on their own without the help of the cloud.

Microsoft is positioning xCloud as part of a bigger solution so you can keep playing Xbox anywhere: playing on your system in front of the TV, streaming from your system to smart devices in your home, and streaming from servers xCloud to mobile systems anywhere with connection to Internet.

For his part, it is not so clear whether Sony plans to expand into PlayStation Now, although he signed a high-profile deal with Microsoft to use their data centers Azure. As long as network conditions remain inconsistent across the world and data limits remain a concern, streaming in the cloud will be an incomplete solution. That could give consoles a boost like PS5 and Xbox Series X if they only use the cloud to augment their services, instead of relying on it in bulk.


Fortnite allowed cross-play between consoles (Photo: Epic Games)

It doesn’t seem like anyone has planned that this generation of consoles will finally be the one to break down the barriers between the multiplayer between consoles. It just happened. However, not all games allow you to have fun with players on other platforms, and even those that require you to complete a different list of friends in the game each time.

From the way cross play works now, there is obviously room for improvement. Now that we are all getting used to not being judged by our peers solely based on what type of console or machine we have under our television, expectations will be higher. Players will want more natural ways to bond with others on different platforms. It can be too much to expect to have true friend lists multi platform right now but the next logical step to expand the multiplayer mode it is a better and deeper support for cross play.


PS5 backward compatibility: Will PS4 games be playable on the PlayStation 5?

PS5 backward compatibility: Will PS4 games be playable on the PlayStation 5?



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