PS4 News: Secret Sony PlayStation game projects revealed following shock Xbox news

Sony has revealed a new lineup of games that have until now been kept under wraps.

PlayStation fans have now learnt more about seven new titles in development for the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

These are all part of the China Hero Project and will boost the PlayStation platform with unique titles.

The China Hero Project is something that was set up by the tech giant to support budding developers in the region and is supported by other big names in the gaming industry.

Here’s more information on the program from Sony, who explain: “CHPJ is a program based on the PlayStation platform, which strongly support Chinese funded game developers (mainly start-ups) to enter the Chinese and global market, committing to “create a successful games worldwide” and the “cultivation and development of Chinese game industry”.

“The project is supported by partners such as Epic Games, Inc., CRI Middleware, Digital Hearts HLDGS., Silicon Studio, Streamline Studio, WACOM, Unity Technologies (Shanghai) Limited, who look to further increase on Chinese console game market, and provide development techniques of game engine, middleware etc. and debug services in order to improve the quality of game for Chinese game developers.

“A key point of view for the program’s target enterprise and team is that the project and team should not only be applicable to development in the Chinese market, but also in the global market.”

Seven new games have been announced as being in development for the PS4, all of which should be available to buy in the UK at a future date.

New games coming to the PS4 includes Evotinction, RAN: Lost Islands, Convallaria, AI-Limit – A, F.I.S.T, In Nightmare and ANNO: Mutantionem.

While many of these games have only just been announced, a previously revealed title – Hardcore Mecha – is expected to launch later this year.

Hardcore Mecha is described as a 2D platformer that includes action-packed shooting, highly polished animations and flying Mechs.

Evotinction looks like an ambitious project that will contain “hack and stealth” gameplay elements, while ANNO: Mutantionem will bring more 2D action and Cyberpunk storytelling to the RPG genre.

The trailers released earlier this month certainly include some polished and intriguing looking projects which will no doubt prove popular on the PlayStation Store.

From the official website, it looks like two waves of CHPJ games have been announced, meaning more could be on the way in the future.

Many of these new projects will come as a surprise to PS4 gamers, who are waiting to hear more from Sony PlayStation on what news they can expect this year regarding first-party announcements.

Sony has already confirmed that they will not be at E3 2019, meaning they could host a new conference based on their own timeline.

No news on this front has been provided yet for PlayStation fans, although recent rumours suggest Microsoft could have a few surprises in store for fans this year.

Rumours suggest that they will be looking to replicate the success of the Xbox One X by offering two consoles, both of which will be announced at the LA expo.

One will be more powerful and have a higher price tag, while the other will be more in the shape of the Xbox One S.

Both will have access to the same games library and could be joined by another streaming-only option in the future.

Project xCloud is another gaming reveal expected to be fleshed out during E3 by Microsoft and will become a direct competitor with PlayStation Now.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer has already hinted that big news is being saved for later this year, telling Larry Hryb during a recent podcast:

“This is going to be a fun E3 for us,” Spencer told Larry Hryb in a recent podcast.

“Obviously there was some news about E3 in the fall, and we had a discussion internally of, ‘Should we go big? Should we save some money?’ We decided, no, we’re going to do our thing.

“And we’re gonna go and be as big at E3 as we’ve ever been and I love that opportunity. I love the opportunity to be with our fans in the industry.”

Speaking about xCloud, Spencer added: “We want to make sure we get it as right as we can.

“It’ll be years before this is the primary way people are playing … but let’s think about our future; we should also have these five to ten-year views on where things can go.”


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