Prisoners to be given ‘personal and warm’ praise and keys to their cells if they behave under new rules

PRISONERS are to be given “personal, warm and encouraging praise” — as well as their own cell keys if they behave.

Under next year’s shake-up, guards will be expected to say kind words to lags “four times as much” as they reprimand them.

 Prisoners are set to be given their own cell keys if they behave under new rules


Prisoners are set to be given their own cell keys if they behave under new rulesCredit: Getty – Contributor

Jail guards have been told that criminals will behave better if they are given “frequent” kind words instead of just being told off when they break rules.

Justice Secretary David Gauke said: “This new framework gives Governors the tools to set clear behavioural standards for prisoners – enhancing their ability to maintain stability while steering offenders away from a life of crime.”

The new system scraps the low “entry level” of privileges that was felt to unfairly punish new arrivals.

As a result, when a criminal is sent down from court they will be put on “standard level” and can move up to “enhanced” if they behave, entitling them to better treatment.

If they act up they will be put down to “basic” and have to wear prison-issue clothes, lose access to TV and have their spending money cut.


NEW “game-changing” tech can automatically identify 2,000 sickening child abuse images every hour, the Home Secretary will announce today.

Sajid Javid was shown a demonstration of the software yesterday and said it will hugely speed up police investigations into online paedophiles.

It could eventually spare officers the stress of having to view the pictures themselves.

Another tool will scan a one terabyte hard drive in 30 minutes compared to the current 24 hours.

Guidance published by the Ministry of Justice tells staff that the scheme will work based if they are “reinforcing desirable behaviours, rather than punishment for undesirable behaviours”.

Advice includes making verbal praise “personal, warm and encouraging”, and “catch people being good”.

Guards are told to make praise frequent – “four times as much as punishment”.

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