‘Prepare for Brexit’ Michael Gove lauches £100m no deal Brexit ad campaign

Michael Gove will launch the high profile publicity for businesses and the general public to get themselves prepared for the prospect of a no deal Brexit. The campaign will feature billboards and various TV and radio advertising to ensure everyone in the country is aware of what no deal Brexit will entail. The Times has described it as one of the biggest Government expenses on a single advertising campaign since the World War 2.

This comes as Mr Johnson has ramped up the country’s no deal preparations since he won the Tory leadership election and has promised that the country will leave the European Union, with or without a deal, by October 31.

Ministers have ordered mugs and t-shirts with the ‘Get ready’ slogan written on them.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said that Britain is far “better prepared for no deal than most people realise”, quashing fears that crucial imports will be delayed at ports.

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Mr Gove is due to update MPs on Tuesday regarding the state of the country’s no-deal preparations.

During the Tory leadership contest, Boris Johnson said: “What we will do, is we will encourage people in a very positive way. From the get-go, we start saying, ‘Look, what do you need, what help do you need, what reassurances do you need?

“And we make sure that everybody understands all the risks and eventualities, and it’s by doing that . . . in a really wholehearted and systematic and confident way, that you, of course, minimise any disruption that might take place in the unlikely eventuality of you having to come out on WTO terms.”

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According to The Times, Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings has been closely involved in the planning for the advertising campaign.

Proroguing Parliament means to shut down one Parliamentary session and begin a new one.

And this weekend protests have been under way across the country against this suspension of parliament.

People have gathered in cities across the country to send a message to the Prime Minister that they do not agree with his actions.

Jeremy Corbyn has encouraged the protests and has said: “The public outrage at Boris Johnson shutting down democracy has been deafening.

“People are right to take to the streets and I encourage everyone to join the demonstrations in London and across the country tomorrow.”

Mr Gove has been in the Port of Calais to watch the no-deal Brexit practice to ensure the smooth transit of goods that are tested in France before UK’s exit from the EU.


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