Pregnant Morgan Stewart Detailing Her "Hot Molten Lava S–t" Is the Funniest Thing You'll See Today

Morgan Stewart may be pregnant, but she’s still keeping it real.

For this all-new episode of Necessary Realness, the pregnant host got candid about her pregnancy journey so far. We’re talking specifics about her morning sickness, her first doctor’s appointment and what food she’s missing most.

“Definitely been very sick,” the E! personality shared. “Nausea is probably the worst feeling a human being can feel. Like, I’d rather have a headache for three weeks than feel nauseous.”

Unfortunately for Morgan, she says she’s been dealing with both nausea and headaches during her pregnancy. And don’t get her started on her bowels!

“Oh, oh, the hot molten lava s–t! By the way, they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re gonna throw up.’ You throw up out of both ends,” she quipped. “Than your asshole starts to pucker and it looks like an inverted cauliflower.”

What makes her the most sick? Morgan sounded off on Chinese food and Mexican food. In fact, the Daily Pop co-host almost puked on camera while discussing these cuisines.


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