Pool Parties And Friend Dates Can’t Mend Wale’s Relationship In ‘On Chill’ Video

In July, Wale released “On Chill,” with Jeremih, a song about situationships, arguing, and most of all, understanding: understanding one’s place, understanding when your wrong, and understanding how to move forward. Today (August 15), the pair have released the video for the tune that covers all of it in a glossy filter. What does it take to get over an argument with a romantic partner when you two aren’t really together? Maybe you just need to chill.

The video begins with Wale and his partner not speaking with each other. They wake up, exchange glances, and go about their days: Wale gets ready to go to a pool party with while his partner goes on a date with a stranger. Wale’s shown to be having fun with the party’s guests, but there’s something on his mind dampening the mood: his partner’s anger. We’re then shown his partner hanging out with her friends, not even worrying about what Wale is doing. But they finally convene back at their house later where they make up in a steamy way. There aren’t any grand apologies or gestures of forgiveness – they just chill.

“On Chill” was produced by legendary R&B singer and producer Raphael Saadiq. In September, Wale will be embarking on the Everything Is Fine Tour that kicks off in Ford Lauderdale, Florida on September 20 and wraps up in Seattle, Washington on October 28.


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