PM slams Greece for trying to ‘grandstand’ over the Elgin Marbles as he launches defence of meeting cancellation

RISHI Sunak today accused Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis of trying to
“grandstand” over the Elgin Marbles.

At PMQs Mr Sunak launched a no-holds-barred defence of cancelling a planned meeting between the pair at the last minute.

Rishi Sunak accused Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis of trying to "grandstand" over the Elgin Marbles


Rishi Sunak accused Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis of trying to “grandstand” over the Elgin MarblesCredit: PA

The PM said: “Of course, we’re always happy to discuss important topics of substance with our allies, like tackling illegal migration or indeed strengthening our security.

“But when it was clear that the purpose of a meeting was not to discuss substantive issues for the future, but rather to grandstand and relitigate issues of the past, it was inappropriate.”

He added: “When specific commitments and specific assurances on that topic were made to this country and then were broken, it may seem alien to him, but my view is when people make commitments they should keep them.”

Sir Keir Starmer took the opportunity to blast the PM for walking away from talks.

He accused Mr Sunak of having “lost his marbles”.

The Labour chief said: “Never mind the British Museum, it’s the Prime Minister who has obviously lost his marbles.

“The Greek prime minister came to London to meet him, a fellow Nato member, an economic ally, one of our most important partners in tackling illegal immigration.

“But instead of using that meeting to discuss those serious issues, he tried to humiliate him and cancelled at the last minute.

“Why such small politics, Prime Minister?”

Sir Keir also hit out at Mr Sunak for failing to bring migration down.

Fresh stats show the number of people who moved to Britain last year hit 740,000.

In a jab touching on the Greek drama unfolding in Westminster, and Home Secretary James Cleverly referring to an MP as s**t, Sir Keir said: “He has the reverse Midas touch.

“Everything he touches turns to… maybe the Home Secretary can help me out..”

In the Commons veteran Tory MP Sir John Hayes accused Labour of wanting to open the flood gates to millions more migrants, overwhelming struggling public services.

He said: “Having 1.3 million migrants over a period of two years is a catastrophe for Britain.

“It’s obvious to everyone apart from guilt-ridden bourgeois liberals and greed-driven globalists.

“The same type of people are trying to stymie the PM’s stop the boats campaign.”


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