Plan B urges young people to vote in new track ‘First Past the Post’

Rapper Plan B has unveiled a digital track that picks apart the country’s electoral system, while encouraging young people to vote.

The video for “First Past the Post” sees the east London-born rapper embodying a cocaine-snorting politician canvassing for votes.

In a statement, he said: “It’s important that people, especially young people, are making an informed vote. I just speak about the s*** we all see. That’s why your vote matters.”

In the track, the east-London rapper urges the elderly to listen to their grandchildren and vote on their behalf.

“F*** how you wanna live now, this is about how you wanna move forward,” he raps. “All you OAPs out there, who are probably gonna die in the next 10 years anyway, why don’t you ask your 15/16 year-old grandkids who they’d vote for if they could and go vote for them. 

“Your generation’s already f***ed up the environment for them,” he continues. “How about not f***ing up their futures for them as well?”

Plan B concludes with summing up what a vote for each party would entail.

“Vote Tory if you wanna be free from European influence and become the 51st state of the US when it comes to trading,” he raps. “Or vote Labour and have another referendum on whether we leave the EU now that everyone’s more informed about the situation.

He continues, “If you’re worried about Jeremy stifling wealth creation and don’t wanna vote for Boris because you f***ing hate him, then vote Lib Dem in the constituencies they have a realistic stake in.

“Or the Green Party, I hear some of you shouting.”

Listen to “First Past the Post” here.


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