Pinterest reveals the biggest travel trends for 2020

Pinterest has released its annual Pinterest 100 report, looking at the biggest trends to expect for the year to come.

The travel industry is expected to see a shake-up come the New Year, as Pinterest predicts eco travel will be at the forefront of our minds.

“Like many industries, tourism is reaching an eco-conscious crossroad as people look to lessen their impact when exploring new places,” Pinterest says in its report.

“For some travellers, that means monitoring their environmental impact. They’re embracing cleaner transport methods, or even taking staycations instead of long-distance getaways. For others, it’s more about their cultural impact including avoiding overcrowded hot spots and picking destinations with smaller tourist scenes. Look no further than Sweden, where they’ve coined new words for eco-friendly travel habits: Flyskam (‘flying shame’) and tagskryt (‘train bragging’).”

Below, find Pinterest’s biggest travel trend predictions for 2020.

Train travel

Train travel is officially cool again, and Pinterest reports search for the activity is up by 107 per cent. If you’re in need of some inspiration, we’ve rounded up the most scenic rail routes in Europe and reported there will also be an ultra-luxe Gatsby-themed train ‘party’ in 2020.

Zero waste travel essentials

It’s not just about how you get there but also about what you pack. Eco-minded travel products are having a moment with searches for zero waste products up by 48 per cent.

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While we are already firmly on the staycation bandwagon – here are our favourite cosy winter breaks in the UK – it seems others are noticing the benefits as well with searches for ‘weekend staycations’ up by 38 per cent.

Eco-friendly cities and eco-friendly travel

Travellers in 2020 are looking for smart ways to reduces their carbon footprint, with searches for ‘eco-friendly travel’ up by 73 per cent, while others are also looking at visiting cities who are practicing green principles, with ‘eco-city concept’ searches up by 47 per cent.


Entrepreneurial farmers are inviting travellers to lend a helping hand, pick their own produce and maybe even stay the night as searches for ‘Agritourism ideas’ rise by 57 per cent.

Lake fishing

Combine two loves – eating and travelling – but do it sustainably by catching your own fish. Pinterest says searches for ‘lake fishing’ is up by 274 per cent.

Nature travel

Hiking has had a resurgence over the past few years – here’s our picks of the best day hikes from London – and nature travel is only set to get bigger in 2020. Searches are up by 253 per cent, so whether it’s going for a walk, rock climbing or soaking in a hot spring, next year is the time to do it. Pinterest has also seen a 194 per cent increase in ‘hiking fashion’, so you know the style set are on board to.

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Northern Lights

Next year, tick off a big bucket list item with a trip to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Searches for these dancing lights are up by 90 per cent – and we’ve rounded up our favourite places to spot the Northern Lights here.


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