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Piers Morgan backs Ralph Fiennes as 'trigger warnings are for the pathetic and spineless'

took to social media today to publicly back actor Ralph Fiennes, who has questioned the need for trigger warnings ahead of live theatre. The Hollywood star, who is currently starring in an immersive touring production of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, has said audiences should be “shocked and disturbed” by what they see.

Taking to X, the social media platform formerly known as , Morgan voiced his support of The Grand Budapest Hotel actor’s argument. In view of his 8.7 million followers, he wrote: “Well said, Mr Fiennes.

“Absolutely pathetic that audiences need ‘trigger warnings’ in case scenes upset them. If you’re that spineless, don’t go!”

It comes after 61-year-old Fiennes questioned the need to warn audiences of upsetting content ahead of time in a recent interview. The English Patient star appeared as a guest on One’s Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg today.

During the programme, he said: “I think we didn’t used to have trigger warnings. I mean, they are very disturbing scenes in Macbeth, terrible murders and things.


“But I think the impact of theatre should be that you’re shocked and you should be disturbed.

“I don’t think you should be prepared for these things and when I was young, (we) never had trigger warnings for shows.”

The star claimed these warnings should be “got rid” of, but said that physical warnings for issues such as strobe effects should still be flagged.

“Shakespeare’s plays are full of murderers, full of horror… It’s the shock, the unexpected, that’s what makes an actor (in) theatre so exciting,” Fiennes explained.

Morgan’s followers took to the comments section to share their opinions on the trigger warnings debate.

Akariz argued: “It is the audience that promote the figures. So, respect the audience.”

While another user added: “The trigger warning allows people to have the information they need to make the decision whether to go or not.”

However, others agreed with Morgan, as several followers commented: “Well said.”


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