Petroglyph's "survival RTS" Conan Unconquered gets a May release date

Petroglyph Games’ promising “survival RTS” Conan Unconquered will be heading to PC on May 30th.

If you’ve not been following Conan Unconquered progress, you might be wondering where that “survival” element comes into play. The basic idea is that, alongside the usual bevvy of real-time strategy tasks – gathering resources, expanding your stronghold, and increasing your military might – you’ve the constant threat of environmental challenges (think diseases, sandstorms, fire) and a ceaseless charge of enemy marauders, which attack in huge, progressively more difficult waves.

The goal, then, is to last as long as possible against the brutish enemy hordes. And if you’re not quite up to the challenge solo, you’ve the option to attempt it via two-player online co-op, with each challenger able to manage separate elements of play as they work together.

When Conan Unconquered arrives this May, it’ll be available in both Standard and Deluxe editions. The former costs £24.99/$29.99 USD and includes the base game, while the latter is priced at £34.99/$39.99 USD.

For that extra tenner, the Deluxe edition includes the base game, a digital version of the soundtrack, an eBook based on the Conan short story Black Colossus (which forms the setting for Unconquered), plus the Kalanthes in-game hero, which is focussed on spell-casting. Funcom says a second hero is also included, although details on that will be revealed later. Interested parties can pre-order Conan Unconquered from the official website.


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