Pet owners can’t get enough of this £140 cat bridge

What an invention (Picture: Etsy/CatastrophiCreations)

We all like to spoil our pets but one luxurious cat product has got the internet talking.

Any cat owner will know that felines love to sit up high, surveying their kingdoms.

So any product which allows a cat to spread itself across at a height, is ideal for the furry creatures.

Well, such an item does exist and is known as the Cat Mod Bridge.

That’s right, it’s an actual bridge designed specifically for felines.

The creation, which is currently sold by CatastrophiCreations on Etsy, comes in three different colours: a dark onyx, a brown chestnut and a paler white shade.

He looks pretty comfy (Picture: Etsy/CatastrophiCreations)

It’s pretty simple to assemble, too – just nail each side to the desired part of a wall.

There are three different lengths to choose from: a 30, 46 and a 62-inch bridge.

But the website stresses that the longer the bridge, the more likely it is to sway.

It says: ‘The 62″ bridge will have more sway to it. So, if your cat may be hesitant because of this then we recommend going with one of the shorter length options.’

It’s the perfect gift for your furry friend (Picture: Etsy/CatastrophiCreations)

Prices start from £137.73 for the smallest size and go up to £166.09. But considering its quality and design, it seems to be worth the investment and has been a hit with cat owners, so far.

Many have left comments praising the imaginative piece on Etsy.

One said: ‘Very sturdy and so Indiana Jones! I can’t wait to get this up on the walls. My Sammie is going to go nuts.’

Another cat mum posted: ‘My cat is going to love this for Christmas!’

While another could not stop singing its praises. She said: ‘All the wood is high quality, perfectly smooth finish and didn’t smell like varnish or stain at all.

‘The pieces were easy to put together and very versatile. I had a tricky wall with strange stud distances and I had no problem with the bridge.’

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