People think this £350 ASOS dress looks like a sack of onions

The dress from ASOS that has been compared to a sack of onions (Picture: Asos, Getty)

Forget taking fashion tips from the catwalk – the latest style inspiration can be found in your local supermarket.

This dress from ASOS was originally on sale for a hefty £350 – and people think it looks like the netting that comes around onions.

We can’t say it’s a look we’d normally go for.

The dress is now in the sale for £210, plus ASOS has an extra 15% off, but it’s still at the top end of most budgets.

The red mesh style is see through so make sure you’ve got some nice underwear to add underneath.

At the back, it needs to be laced from top to bottom, like a corset.

Jay Sharif tweeted an image of the dress, alongside an image of a bag of onions to compare.

The dress comes in sizes S (6-8), M (10-12) and L (14-16).

Despite the mesh look, it’s actually made of natural latex and the site advises applying talcum powder to get it on.

It’s part of the Elissa Poppy range – a winnder of the 2016 ASOS Fashion Discovery competition.

Oh course, if you can’t get together the money for the ASOS version, you could try creating your own out of the netting leftover from your grocery shop.

It’s not the only slightly out there fashion item we’ve spotted this week.

We also brought you the Fashion Nova buckle jeans that look like a nightmare to take off.

The jeans have buckles right from the bottom to the waistband, meaning unlike the ASOS dress where underwear is a must, you’ll have to avoid wearing knickers for these.

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