People are praising this £8 horse shampoo for saving their frazzled hair

With thousands of haircare products on the market, we’re always looking for the best options to help keep our hair healthy.

But we never expected to come across a shampoo for horses that has been hailed as the new IT product, guaranteeing a hair transformation.

Nonetheless, The Mane and Tail Shampoo and Conditioner, has gained over 1,000 five stars reviews, with loyal fans trading in their high street heroes for a holy grail product meant for horses.

Wait, what?

As the description outlines, the product can be “used by both people and horses for shiny, thicker, manageable hair”.

“Fortified with moisturizers & emollients helps provide shine & manageability. Natural oils nourishes & conditions.”

According to Fabulous, Amazon users have been going mad for the equine product, vowing that the Mane and Tail brand is their new go-to.

One customer called Dana wrote a review claiming: “This really has changed my hair life! My hair is thick, shiny and glossy. I have no idea what they put in it but something works! Worth the money and the wait for it to arrive. I will buy Mane and Tail forever more.”

Another reviewer, Miss E. J Taylor, said “I am now on my second bottle of both the shampoo and conditioner. I will never be using any other brand. The shampoo lathers really well and gets rid of all the hairspray I tend to overdose on. The conditioner leaves hair completely tangle free”.

The shampoo and conditioner set is currently available on Amazon for £8.25, down from its normal price of £12.98.


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