PC Building Simulator is a game about building a PC… on your console

PC Building Simulator – honestly, this is a real thing that actually exists

The award for the strangest video game of 2019 has a got a clear frontrunner, as a game about running your own PC repair shop comes to consoles.

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Maybe it’s just us, but after hearing the name PC Building Simulator we assumed it was some kind of real-world simulation about bricklaying that was only released on PC. Now we know the truth we’re not sure whether this is better or worse.

The crazy thing about PC Building Simulator is not so much that it’s about putting together a desktop PC from official licensed parts but that it’s already sold over 700,000 copies on Steam.

That is a lot, so in a sense it’s no surprise that the game is now coming to consoles. Even though on a conceptual level that’s just plain weird.

The original version apparently started as a free tech demo on and when it turned out everyone was playing it for fun it was turned into a real game.

We have to admit we haven’t played the original version but apparently it involves running your own PC repair workshop, and has you not only building a PC from scratch but diagnosing problems and organising upgrades for customers.

There’s also a free mode where you can build whatever PC you want, including custom cases covered in lights and other things that would get annoying after five minutes if it was real.

The game includes 1,000 real world parts from manufacturers including Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, ASUS, Deepcool, EKWB and NZXT, with realistic BIOS and OS simulation, licensed 3DMark benchmarking, and simulated overclocked.

Look, really – we’re not making any of this up. It’s a game about building a pretend PC that you can play on your Switch. Words almost fail us, except to say that it’s out today and Godspeed to all who play it.

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