Paul McCartney has revealed that his grandson was recently mugged at knifepoint in London.

The Beatles icon said the incident reminded him of when he was mugged as a child growing up in Liverpool and his watch was stolen.

“In London, one of my grandkids, one of my older grandkids, was mugged and got his phone taken,” McCartney told The Times.

“That takes me back to my childhood when I was mugged in Liverpool, so I am able to talk to him.”

McCartney added that he advised his grandson not to retaliate with violence if a similar situation were to reoccur.

“He was saying the worst thing was that he should have just thumped the guy; he came back and felt a coward. 

“I said, ‘No, no, no, no! The guy had a knife and you don’t know, the guy might be able to use that knife.’ So it is scary these days.”

McCartney also spoke about his concerns surrounding environmental issues in the interview, saying: “Climate change? You know, I hope someone does something sensible soon. It’s really refreshing to see that the people [doing something] are the kids.

“Other people are just looking for money in the short term.”

McCartney’s children’s book Hey, Grandude! is published on 5 September.


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