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Patrick Mahomes turns to video games since basketball is out – Kansas City Star

If you’ve wondered why Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is enamored with video games, it’s simply because he loves to compete.

Earlier this week, Mahomes was in Santa Monica, Calif., where he toured Treyarch, a video game developer that created the popular “Call of Duty” series, according to multiple reports.

Mahomes has been known to play “Fortnite” in the past, but “Call of Duty” appears to be his favorite now, and he explained to Arash Markazi of the Los Angeles Times why he dedicates so much time to video games.

“It’s the competition,” Mahomes said. “You have to really work to get good at it. When you’re a competitor and play sports, you’re competing every single day, and when you play against each other in ‘Call of Duty’ or any other game you want to show that you’re the best at whatever you do so you compete and try to win as much as possible.”

If you wonder why Mahomes doesn’t find another pursuit that doesn’t involve staring at a television, well, he did.

You may recall that video of Mahomes playing basketball that went viral.

“No more basketball,” Mahomes told Jack Baer of Yahoo Sports. “Basketball lasted all of one time.”

The Chiefs asked Mahomes to quit playing hoops and he apparently has. So now he’s spending his time on video games, sometimes to the chagrin of his girlfriend.

“My girlfriend, she gets mad at me sometimes when you start playing ‘Call of Duty,’ and then you look down and it’s, like, three hours from where you started,” Mahomes told Baer. “I might get a knock at the door in the game room that says I need to stop playing, but I usually get a couple matches in after that.”

And Mahomes has proved to be adept at blocking out all distractions when he’s playing the “Call of Duty.” That includes when his dogs Silver and Steel are wrestling right next to him (check out that focus):


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