Passenger slams ‘slow’ family at airport security – and everyone surprisingly agrees

A PASSENGER has slammed a “slow” family at airport security – and everyone surprisingly agrees.

The traveller anonymously posted their shocking rant on social media site Reddit where they raged that kids shouldn’t be allowed on public transport.

A family have been slammed for how they dealt with airport security


A family have been slammed for how they dealt with airport securityCredit: Getty

A post which detailed what they described as a 20-minute ordeal, included an endless list of issues parents and babies cause when boarding a flight.

The ignorant user said they had to wait while the mum and dad dismantled the pushchair and loaded their belongings into the security trays.

Blasting them inconsiderate for not using the “plenty of time” they had in the queue to sort out their items, the passenger stuck behind them said there was “no regard for anyone else”.

The Reddit user said: Long story short I was travelling at the airport today. The security line wasn’t very long so there was no issues UNTIL the part in the security line where you have to take off your shoes, belt.

“There was a mum & dad with a youngish infant who were in front of me.

“They had to deconstruct their entire stroller, baby suitcase, all their baby gear and I kid you not used 15+ bins to put all their baby stuff in.

“Now any normal considerate person would say ‘go ahead’ to the people behind them who had one bin to put in the scanner but NO!

“It took them at least 20 minutes to get all their stuff in the scanner and I was looking at the other people behind me in line who all seemed inconvenienced as well.

“Thankfully I had plenty of time before boarding but if I had been in a rush to get to my gate I would’ve lost my sh**!”

The fuming traveller went on to say: “Parents truly think they’re the centre of the universe and the main character.

“They really have NO regard for anyone else!

“Also thank God they were not on my flight! Anyways it was really annoying I wish kids weren’t allowed on any public transportation.”

While the lengthy post is an appallingly rude read for most, many other Reddit users in the comments felt the frustration.

One person who claims to be a pilot wrote: “Today’s parents are worthless idiots who have no regard for anyone outside of their family sphere.

“You would not believe the messes I’ve seen families leave on planes.”

Another said: “I don’t need a ‘go ahead’ from them – I’d just be going ahead on my own. I travel a lot for work and have to deal with these kinds of people all the time.”

A third echoed: “That’s an inconvenience to everyone to hold up the line for 20 plus mins.”


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