Parasite trailer: the Korean genre movie that might just win an Oscar

The first official trailer has arrived for Bong Joon-ho’s South Korean black-comedy thriller, Parasite. Having already won the Palme d’Or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, it has officially become the first Korean film to ever take this award, and it could mean it’s in line to become Korea’s first-ever Oscar nominee and, dare we say it, even possible winner.

Oscars rarely acknowledge genre films and it’s slightly surprising South Korea hasn’t yet been featured in the Best Foreign Film category up until now – last year, The Burning made it to the nine-film shortlist but didn’t hit the final cut. 

From the trailer, this looks like a satirical thriller packed with major plot swerves and a vein of dark humour. Watch with a clear mind – there’s a load to take in.

Without spoiling the plot, Parasite sees the wealthy Parks and the hard-up Kims clash when the Kim kids manage to get themselves employed by the Parks under false pretences. Like much of Bong’s work it’s a social commentary, but while the trailer has horror trappings the ‘Parasite’ of the title is strictly metaphorical. Though violence clearly ensues…

You can watch the Parasite trailer below…

This is Bong’s seventh feature after his award-winning monster movie The Host as well as weird, Netflix-funded giant-pig film, Okja

It’s possible that genre movies are starting to be more widely acknowledged by the Academy. Jordan Peele’s social horror Get Out was nominated for four awards in 2017. It could be an indicator that Parasite might follow.

Parasite opens in the US on 11 October 2019; there’s no UK release date yet confirmed.


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