Our ‘petty’ neighbour chopped our tree EXACTLY in half – now we’re flooded with nosy tourists & avoid speaking to them

A HOMEOWNER has slammed her “petty” neighbours after they chopped her tree exactly in half – as she revealed her home has become a tourist attraction.

Mrs Mistry – who didn’t want to give her first name – was furious when her beloved 16ft fir tree was axed neatly in the middle.

A woman was furious when he fir tree was chopped in half


A woman was furious when he fir tree was chopped in halfCredit: Steve Allen
Neighbours next door complained the branches were growing out onto their drive


Neighbours next door complained the branches were growing out onto their driveCredit: Steve Allen
Residents have said the tree now looks silly


Residents have said the tree now looks sillyCredit: Steve Allen

The mum-of-two, who has lived in her sleepy Sheffield cul-de-sac for 26 years, became attached to the greenery and loved seeing it outside her window each morning.

But one day the couple next door became irritated by the huge tree and started a year-long dispute.

Graham and Irene Lee, both in their 70s, complained that the branches were hanging over their driveway and attracting pigeons.

In 2021, they called in tree surgeons to brutally lop off half the branches.


While the hacking took place years ago, Mrs Mistry said there is still some bad feeling between the two households after her family were left “devastated” by the loss.

She exclusively told The Sun Online: “We exchange pleasantries now but that is all.

“We have come to live with our tree as it is after nearly three years but not love it

“I don’t let it bother me now – we can’t change it. It’s still standing and we maintain it. We get on with our business and they get on with theirs.”

It’s understood the tree will now be featured on Google Maps and is even a local attraction after it went viral.

Mrs Mistry added: “You still get the odd car coming down the road and you see people doing pictures at the tree.

“Its a nice quiet neighbourhood to live in and the tree issue has been the only dispute for many years.”

Local resident David Hirst, who leads a rambling group, told how he always takes new members to see the much talked about tree.

He explained: “The tree was cut in that fashion in 2021 because pigeons were nesting in it and all the property next door was getting bird poo on it and all over their vehicle.

“It became a bit of an attraction and I understand it is now on Google Maps. The Waterthorpe area has became a bit of a highlight.”

‘Petty’ neighbour saws tree EXACTLY in half after becoming frustrated over branches hanging over driveway

A woman living in a bungalow right opposite the conifer said: “I’m not so bothered it now.

“I know both the residents, they have lived side by side for 30 years or so, and I’m friendly with both.

“Locals don’t worry about it any more but it was a funny story at the time.”

The tree should never have been ripped in half. It’s destroying nature

LouiseLocal resident

But other residents in the peaceful close disagree.

Jane admitted: “It was a daft idea in the first place.

“It used to be a beautiful and shaped like a big lollipop and it’s a shame it’s been chopped in half.

“Trees are lovely to look at, particularly when in their full glory.

“It’s in Mrs Mistry’s garden and they maintain their side of it, always having it pruned.

“I noticed the other day that it’s coming into leaf a bot more on the other side.”

She added: “The tree has become notorious – even my cousin living in Australia has heard about it!

“But it’s nothing to do with any of us, it’s a dispute between the two neighbours and I think it’s died down a bit now.”

Local mum Louise, strolling along with her three-year-old son, believes the tree should “never have been ripped in half,” saying: “It’s destroying nature.

“Birds nestled in that tree, it didn’t only ruin their habitat but axing it in half has made it look silly.

“Birds are birds, they eat, they poo, they fly and the tree should have been left alone. Any mess can always be cleared away.”

The Lees have declined to comment.

Irene had previously told The Sun Online: ” We have no regrets about cutting it in half and can’t believe this is still news.”

Asked if she was still at loggerheads with the tree’s owners, she replied: “We get on with everyone in the street. We’ve been here for a long time.”

She had explained: “The birds weren’t really the problem, the tree was blocking our driveway

“We got it professionally trimmed, afterwards the tree surgeon told me ‘you know it’s going to grow back?’

“If that’s the case then I’ll cut it again, especially if it grows out too much.

“The neighbours may own the tree but if it overhangs on our property then we are legally allowed to trim it back.”

One resident said cutting it down was 'destroying nature'


One resident said cutting it down was ‘destroying nature’Credit: Tracey Kandohla
The tree now appears on Google Maps


The tree now appears on Google MapsCredit: Steve Allen


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