Only those with eagle-eyes can spot all the festive words in under one minute

With the festive season approaching, a new brainteaser has been released that will test your puzzle-solving prowess ahead of family game time and give you a merry mental workout.

The mind-boggling festive puzzle by Preply challenges you to find the 10 Christmas-themed words hidden throughout the charming holiday scene.

The words you are looking for are: Reindeer, Elves, Snow, Santa, Bauble, Mistletoe, Presents, Scrooge, Yuletide and Tinsel.

Try to zoom in to spot the words. Were you able to do it? Don’t worry, we have marked the answers for you above.

Language Expert, Sylvia Johnson from Preply said: “The rich tapestry of Christmas-themed language reflects the holiday’s diverse and enduring history.

“Words like ‘bauble’ trace back to German and Old English origins, reflecting the widespread influence of these languages on Christmas celebrations. “For example, ‘tinsel’ comes from the Old French word ‘estinceler,’ meaning ‘to sparkle’.

“Its association with shiny decorations mirrors the festive illumination that transforms homes and cities during the Christmas season.“Similarly, the term ‘yuletide’ goes back to the ancient Norse celebration of Yule, highlighting the blending of pagan and Christian customs that shaped the holiday we know and love today.”


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