Oasis unveils 'refreshed' brand identity and ad campaign

Fashion chain Oasis has unveiled a ‘refreshed’ brand identity and new ad
campaign which it will be rolling-out in-store and across social media and
owned channels from 12 March.

Working alongside branding agency Red Bee Creative, Oasis is looking to
move away from seasonal-led campaigns and towards a more consistent
brand-first campaign style as part of a larger strategic overhaul by the
retailer to push it into new categories and retail environments, with a
particular focus on how it navigates in digital and social spaces.

One of the biggest challenges in approaching the new brand identity,
according to Red Bee, was to celebrate the brand’s “inherent femininity
with power and conviction in a fresh, modern and relevant way.”

Oasis unveils 'refreshed' brand identity and ad campaign

Head of planning at Red Bee, Lisa Matchett, said in a statement: “We talked a lot
about the word ‘lovely’ and how the Oasis customer used that word to
describe both the Oasis clothes and how they make her feel. We wanted Oasis to boldly own that idea and to make being ‘lovely’
aspirational to a new generation of stylish, high-achieving, and caring,

Oasis celebrates its ‘inherent femininity’

The new brand tagline – ‘Lovely does it’ – has been launched alongside
the announcement of new brand ambassadors, including actress,
marathon-runner and dyslexia champion Kara Tointon; baker, novelist,
charity ambassador Nadiya Hussain; and TV presenter, fitness guru and
campaigner Katie Piper, who will feature together in a six-week in-store,
digital and social campaign that celebrates their wide-ranging

Oasis unveils 'refreshed' brand identity and ad campaign

Red Bee has also changed up the Oasis logo, retaining its existing logoform
but tightening its application to either black or white only, to “move the
brand away from its widely-applied ‘pink’ aesthetic.” The new brand palette
also introduces cooler grey tones and a more sophisticated and modern hero
brand colour, Oasis Coral, that head of design at Red Bee, Jane Fielder, describes as
“two notches off” the brand’s previous pink.

“It felt like the right time for Oasis to revisit the overall look and
feel of the brand, ensuring that it remains fresh, modern and relevant in
today’s ever evolving market,” Oasis managing director Sarah Welsh added.

“We are passionate about delivering what is right for our customers at
the right time and absolutely want to ensure that new and existing
customers identify with the Oasis brand across all of our channels.”

Photo credit: Red Bee Creative


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