Nothing compares 2 Schubert’s weepies | Brief letters

Regarding your article (‘Utterly devastating’: Guardian writers on their favourite breakup songs, 14 February), no one does it like Franz Schubert – for example, Gute nacht (Goodnight) from the cycle Winterreise. Or, if your accompanist is up to it, Liebesbotschaft (Love’s Message). He never lived long enough to get the girl of his dreams. He died at 31, having written over 600 songs.
Keith Barnes
Frome, Somerset

On the best year for film (1946 … 1999 …1971 … 2024? What was the best ever year for film?, 16 February), at the age of 17, I played truant from school for a matinee performance of Gone With the Wind at the local picture house. Had I been discovered and admonished, I’d like to think I would have said, “Frankly, Sir, I don’t give a damn”, as it was my favourite film at that time, and remains so today, at 87.
Peggy Flint
Seaford, East Sussex

To Keith Graham who wondered what it meant to be an emeritus professor (Letters, 18 February) , I can report that, after four years of this status, I have had free access to the university libraries, retained my professional email address and receive regular invitations to university bashes. One additional facet is that the university may sometimes request that I contribute to project reviews or similar, for which it doesn’t pay.
Duncan Hannant
Professor emeritus, University of Nottingham

It is truly “breathtaking” that the junior doctors have still not been rewarded for what they did for us all (Breathtaking review – a shockingly vivid picture of life as a doctor during Covid, 19 February).
Alan S Alexander
Hensingham, Cumbria


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