Nintendo VR headset announced and… it’s a Labo one made of cardboard

The Nintendo Switch has a very unique VR experience

The Switch is getting its own VR headset, but it’s part of the Nintendo Labo range and has some very strange-looking attachments.

Few people really believed the rumours that Nintendo were working on a VR headset, because the Switch isn’t powerful to compete with an experience like PlayStation VR, but what they’ve actually announced suddenly makes complete sense.

Cardboard VR goggles have been quite common when it comes to smartphones, especially with Google, and the Labo one works in a similar way – except with some very Nintendo twists.

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit is coming out as early as 12 April and is compatible with six new Toy-Cons – the name Nintendo gives to the cardboard creations that work by slotting the Joy-Con controllers into them.

One of these six is a pair of VR goggles which can be used in conjunction with the other five to create a range of experiences and play the included games (which can be played without VR if you really want to).

The Elephant Toy-Con looks so Nintendo

The Switch is inserted into the goggles and you hold it up to your eyes manually, with no head-strap included.

Nintendo has publicly stated it’s interested in VR before but its concern has always been that it’s a very anti-social experience. So the idea of not having a head-strap is that you can pass it around a group of people as you play.

The Starter Kit includes the goggles themselves and a ‘Blaster’ attachment that looks like a giant bazooka and plays a shooting game.

Then there are two expansion kits that contain two extra Toy-Cons but not the VR goggles themselves.

The Super Scope returns

The first includes a camera Toy-Con and one that looks like an elephant mask, while the second has a bird and a ‘wind pedal’.

Or you can buy everything in one, which is presumably more expensive. There are no UK prices for any of this yet but the most expensive Labo set so far has been £69.99 and judging by the need to separate the main one out into different expansions we imagine the all-in-one kit will be more than that.

Whether any of this will be used for traditional games is unclear, but there was a Mario Kart 8 patch to use the handlebar Toy-Con, so you never know. Especially not with Nintendo…

The contents of the all-in-one kit

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