Ninja Kamui Episode 3 Trailer: Will Higan Team up With Morris?

After intense action and brutal bloodshed in the previous episode, Ninja Kamui episode 3 will continue Joe Higan’s thirst for vengeance. According to the trailer, the enigmatic ninja might team up with two FBI agents—Morris and Emma—as they try to escape from the rogue ninjas striving to capture Higan.

Ninja Kamui episode 3 release date and time

Ninja Kamui episode 3 will air on Saturday, February 24, 2024, at 12 a.m. ETAdult Swim’s Toonami will broadcast the episode in America and Canada. International viewers can also rely on HBO Max to stream the episode and the previous two episodes. However, the episode will be available for streaming the next day after its original premiere on Toonami. 

Both the Japanese subtitled version and an English dubbed version of the anime are available to stream. 

Ninja Kamui episode 2 recap

In Ninja Kamui episode 2, Joe Higan is seen injured while a mysterious man tends to his wounds. Upon gaining consciousness, Higan tortures the ninja who killed Higan’s family while trying to gather more information from him.

Unfortunately, the stubborn ninja does not budge, and Higan ends up setting him on fire. Then, Higan decides to call Morris, the FBI agent, up to strike a settlement with him. Though Morris and Emma are removed from the case, Morris chooses to meet Higan to see what he is up to.

Upon reaching the venue, a mysterious person, who happens to be a ninja, attacks Higan. That’s when the protagonist reveals to Morris that he is a ninja. However, Morris seems to have a hard time believing it.

After Higan protects Mike and himself from the attacker, the episode shifts its focus to a group of men, seemingly ninjas, orchestrating to capture Higan. Moreover, the episode highlights AUZA, a suspicious corporation that could be behind the mysterious ninja murders.


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