Nigel Farage tears apart May's 'SURRENDER' Brexit deal ‘sheer awfulness!’

The prominent member of the hard-eurosceptic Brexit Party blasted Mrs and her Brexit agreement in front of Republicans during the biggest US conservative gathering of the year, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Rapturously welcomed on stage last night, Mr compared the Prime Minister’s leadership to Mr Trump’s, and found Mrs May wanting. Speaking about the UK’s imminent withdrawal from the EU, he said: “The people have not changed their mind. 

He said: “Our leader has negotiated a Withdrawal Agreement that reads like a surrender document of a nation that’s been beaten at war, and literally has a gun to its head.

“Our Withdrawal Agreement means we would leave the EU in name only.”

Mr Farage also echoed the US President’s worries voiced last year regarding the UK’s possibility to strike trade agreements with the US under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement.

The eurosceptic MEP said the current deal means the UK could take “many years and possibly never” before it is allowed to negotiate a genuine bilateral trade deal with America.

He added: “There is a very real risk that because of the sheer awfulness of our Withdrawal Agreement, that we may find that our political class actually choose willfully to delay our departure date.”

But he, Mr Farage continued, is “getting back fit” to make sure politicians in London won’t try to “betray the result”.

He said: “If I have to do it again, next time it’ll be no more Mr Nice Guy. Brexit will happen, whether it happens on March 29, whether we have to fight it again, Brexit will happen. And Trump will be re-elected.”

During his speech, the fourth delivered to a CPAC crowd in five years, Mr Farage also compared Brexit and the opposition it has been facing in the past two years and a half years by “the establishment” to the one experienced by Mr Trump during his presidency.

He said: “The one common theme on both sides of the pond is that the establishment, the big businesses behind it, simply refuse to accept the result. They don’t accept the legitimacy of Trump.

“They don’t accept the legitimacy of the Brexit referendum.

“The campaign against your president, I think at times, is pretty disgusting.

“There can never have been a president who has been subject to more abuse and vitriol than Donald Trump.”

The CPAC is taking place in Washington on Friday and Saturday.

Mr Trump is due to speak later today, at 4.30pm GMT (11.30am local time).    


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