New XCOM-y Divinity: Original Sin game announced

Larian has announced a new Divinity: Original Sin game but it is not, before you lose your potatoes, Divinity: Original Sin 3.

It’s Divinity: Fallen Heroes, a co-production with Danish studio Logic Artists (maker of Expeditions: Conquistador). And while it occupies the same universe as Original Sin 2, it goes off on a slight tangent. An XCOM tangent, according to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, which sounds rather scrumptious to me.

Instead of flowing through a world and story, you embark on missions from your flying battleship hub. You send squads of four, comprised of various kinds of unit, out on missions, while in between researching new tech – gunpowder! – and diplomatically managing your crew. Piss them off and they will leave, apparently.

There are changes to gameplay, notably the swapping of initiative turn-ordering for teams taking turns. There’s co-op for two players as well as a single-player campaign. And all the characters you remember from Original Sin 2 seem to be returning, alongside playable Malady for the first time.

Best of all, Divinity: Fallen Heroes is being released on “multiple platforms” later this year (I imagine late-summer will be a good time).


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