New Momo warning as ‘suicide game’ character appears in Baby Shark videos

Police have issued a warning about the entirely fictitious ‘Momo’ character after it was allegedly put into Baby Shark videos.

Spanish police are telling people that the character is being pushed at children online.

They are telling parents: ‘No, Momo does not exist, it is an old viral character that has resurfaced with some damaging modifications.

Spanish police have warned about the Momo character appearing in Baby Shark videos
The Momo character just won’t go away

‘We have to work together to not allow it to spread.’

The Momo challenge is said to involve enticing young internet users to do dangerous things.

The character is actually a doll that was created by a Japanese special effects firm.

It has led to police forces and education authorities around the world to issue statements trying to reassure parents.

A Northern Irish police force said: ‘Even basic open source research suggests that “Momo” is run by hackers who are looking for personal info. Whatever or whoever is behind it, there is no disputing the content being sent is horrendous.’

In the current Spanish reincarnation of the internet hoax the video says: ‘Hi, I am Momo. I want to play with you. Look for a knife in your kitchen and cut your little hands. If you do not do it, Momo will come after you.’

People are being urged to report the videos.


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