New It: Chapter Two trailer promises more shocks and gore

Andy Muschietti’s It made $700 million and change when it arrived in the back half of 2017, making it the highest-grossing R-rated horror film of all time. Though a sequel was all but assured before that, the dollar signs hitting Warner Bros likely helped things along nicely, with the studio announcing official release plans in the very same month that the first film debuted.

Based on Stephen King’s classic horror tome, It – or It: Chapter One, if you like – saw six children facing a permanent loss of innocence as they banded together to get to the bottom of some strange goings-on in their home town of Derry, Maine. They soon discovered that the monstrous Pennywise the Clown was behind it all, and they faced their worst fears trying to bring his latest reign of terror to an end. Unsure if they ultimately succeeded, they made a pact to return if the terrifying creature should happen to wake up and start its feeding pattern again.

This sequel will follow the rather more grown-up ‘Losers’ Club’ as they return to Derry and seek to eliminate Pennywise once and for all. The updated cast includes Jessica Chastain as the older Beverly, James McAvoy as Bill, Jay Ryan as Ben, James Ransone as Eddie, Andy Bean as Stan and Isaiah Mustafa as Mike, while Bill Skarsgard returns to give us all a fresh batch of nightmares as Pennywise.

The film’s latest trailer, which debuted at San Diego Comic-Con, offers a creepy final look at the film ahead of its release in a couple of month’s time, including a freaky-looking scene in which McAvoy’s character is tormented by Pennywise inside a house of mirrors. Check it out below…

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The film’s first trailer, meanwhile, gave us an extended look at Beverly’s terrifying reintroduction to the killer clown (see below).

With It: Chapter Two, Muschetti has promised audiences a “scarier and more intense” experience, with flashbacks to potentially unseen events from the ’80s having a big impact on the present day.

Just how scary will it be, exactly? We’ll find out when It: Chapter Two hits UK cinemas on 6 September.


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