New ‘Game Of Thrones’ prequel rumoured to start shooting this year

A new Game Of Thrones prequel based on the Dunk and Egg short stories by George R. R. Martin is rumoured to begin filming this year, according to reports.

According to Thrones fan source Westerosies on X, formerly Twitter, the new series will be called A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight.

The reports were also covered on Winter is Coming and Redanian Intelligence, the latter of which also said filming would begin on June 3.

The Dunk and Egg short stories follow the adventures through Westeros of the knight Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire Egg (Prince Aegon Targaryen). The events are set decades after the events of other Thrones spin-off, House of the Dragon and decades before the events of Game of Thrones.

While there are no cast details as yet, it is rumoured that shooting will take place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which is also where much of the original Game Of Thrones series was filmed.

NME has reached out to HBO for comment.

News of a further spin-off first came earlier this month (February 9), when The Hollywood Reporter reported that HBO was now moving ahead with its long-discussed Aegon’s Conquest idea.

The outlet reported that HBO were partnering with Mattson Tomlin, who completed some uncredited work on Matt Reeves’ The Batman and is co-writing its upcoming sequel The Batman Part II. He also wrote the Keanu Reeves action comic adaptation BRZRKR and an animated Terminator series which he is also showrunning for Netflix.

One source told THR that the project will be taking a “back to basics” approach to George R.R. Martin’s fantasy universe. Variety previously reported that HBO were having discussions about an Aegon’s Conquest series early last year.

Back in January, Martin revealed that he is also working on number of animated projects with HBO, all of which would be set in the world of A Song Of Ice And Fire.

“None of them have been greenlit yet, but I think we are getting close to taking the next step with a couple of them,” he wrote on his blog.


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