Netflix’s You season 2 leaves fans ‘puking’ with extreme gore as character put through meat grinder

YOU is officially back and grislier than ever.

The Netflix stalker thriller returned to the streaming service on Boxing Day and already viewers are gripped as they bridge the gap between Christmas and New Year’s Eve with a good old TV binge.

 Joe proved to be quite the butcher in episode 2


Joe proved to be quite the butcher in episode 2Credit: NETFLIX

However, in episode 2, Just the Tip, many were left struggling to hold down their leftovers after one particularly gruesome sequence.

Warning: spoilers are ahead so if you haven’t got to the end of the second episode yet you might want to turn back now.

The murder came about after Joe (Penn Badgley) traversed Los Angles to hunt down the money owed to an unpleasant man named Jasper.

Things took a brutal turn when after confusing Joe for someone else, Jasper cut off a piece of his finger.

 Jasper learned to regret threatening Joe


Jasper learned to regret threatening JoeCredit: NETFLIX
 Jasper was murdered and put through a meat grinder


Jasper was murdered and put through a meat grinderCredit: NETFLIX
Netflix’s You season 2 trailer sees Joe trapped in ‘own personal hell’ while on the run from Candace

Suffice to say Jasper was messing with the wrong guy, as Joe later murdered him, took him to the restaurant he worked in, hacked his limbs off and put them through a meat grinder.

Unsurprisingly viewers struggled to stomach the scene after days of festive feasting and took to social media in states of nausea.

“Like I said, You season 2 is incredible. But I really need to yell about *that* moment in episode 2 that almost made me puke. It is ART. And it is SO WRONG. I can NEVER UNSEE IT,” one user exclaimed.

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“Okay I think I’m gonna puke. I needed to fast forward that part with Jasper UGHHH,” another added.

 You season 2 dropped on Netflix on Boxing Day


You season 2 dropped on Netflix on Boxing DayCredit: Netflix

A third pondered: “How did Joe get me from crying with him to making me feel like I wanna puke?”

While a fourth fumed: “Joe makes me freakin nauseous. What the hell, I literally feel the need to puke. What a bloody pyschopants.”

However plenty of others couldn’t get enough of the new episodes, cancelling all their plans to plough through them.

You seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Netflix now.


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