Netflix users rejoice after platform announces way to turn off much-disliked 'autoplay' function

Netflix has listened to its users and now given them the option to bin off the roundly-despised ‘autoplay’ function on the streaming platform.

Scrolling down the page to find something to watch meant that every time you hovered over a show or a movie for just a second or so, it would begin playing a preview clip of said show or movie, whether you liked it or not.

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Worst of all was that the preview clips came with sound, making it extra intrusive.

While it was a flashy way to show off its content, it drove users to utter distraction.

Even some famous folk chimed in about their hatred of the feature.

But now, in the profile management settings, we can finally be rid of this tiresome, maddening presumptuousness.

In a tweet, the streamer admitted that while some people ‘find this feature helpful… others not so much’.

You can now turn off both the browsing autoplay function, and the episode autoplay function, which automatically decides on your behalf that you want to watch the next episode of show.

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It’s worth noting that there could be a delay to the functionality being implemented, but an update can be ‘forced’ by switching to another profile, and then back to your own.

Widespread celebration has broken out following the move.

And while Netflix was probably just trying to be helpful, thankfully ‘autoplay’ has now been consigned to Room 101.

And good riddance.


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