Netflix seeks to expand its game efforts

Netflix is looking to expand upon its games efforts, and is reportedly considering an Apple Arcade-style subscription service.

That’s according to a report from The Information, who quote sources familiar with the matter, who state that the company has reached out to senior industry figures to discuss creating an Apple Arcade-style service. Like the company’s video streaming service, their game service will not have advertisements.

Netflix later confirmed to GameSpot that it was seeking to put more focus on its games, following the success of Bandersnatch and Stranger Things mobile games. However, it did not provide any specifics, nor did it comment upon the proposed subscription service.

“Our members value the variety and quality of our content. It’s why we’ve continually expanded our offering–from series to documentaries, film, local language originals and reality TV,” said Netflix to GameSpot. “Members also enjoy engaging more directly with stories they love–through interactive shows like Bandersnatch and You v. Wild, or games based on Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel and To All the Boys. So we’re excited to do more with interactive entertainment.”

Netflix has long has an interest in expanding into gaming. In 2018, the company helped produce Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and FMV-style ‘choose your own adventure’ type film. Additionally, the company has partnered with BonusXP for games based on their Stranger Things series.


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