NBA Live 21 Release Date: Will EA wait for next-gen consoles PS5 & Xbox Series X?

Will EA Sports drop their next NBA title on current consoles? Or will they hold out for next-gen?

While EA Sports are the royalty of both football and soccer, their NBA franchise had a tough time competing with their rivals.

2K have been dominating the basketball gaming scene for years, and EA have tried to compete, but with mixed results. We didn’t get an NBA Live 20 last year as they left NBA 2K20 to run unopposed.

We are promised an NBA Live 21, but the question is when will it come out

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NBA Live 21 release date

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THE RETURN: NBA Live is coming back just as KD is expected to return

While we don’t have an NBA Live 20 release date to go off, both 18 & 19 hit the shelves in early-mid September.

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This is also in-line with 2K’s release date window, so it would make sense to launch a fresh NBA title against the biggest name on the block.

However, EA Sports could take their time and make an even bigger splash later on…

NBA Live 21 on PS5 & Xbox Series X

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ALL POWERFUL: Next-gen consoles are a huge step forward

Console gaming is about to take a big leap forward this year with the introduction of the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

The two giants are due to release the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at the end of 2020. While that release date could be ambitious given the current global climate, it could still be done.

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If EA really wanted to relaunch the NBA Live franchise in a meaningful way they could tailor NBA Live 21 to the impressive specs of the next-gen consoles.

With huge processing power, enhanced graphics, and non-existent load times, EA could design their new game specifically for the PS5 & Xbox Series X and blow NBA 2K21 out of the water.

NBA Live 21 cover

On top of the release date, the burning question is who will be on the cover of NBA Live 21.

It’s a hard prediction to make given 2K will need a cover star too. Both games will want to pay tribute to the recently-departed Kobe Bryant, but surely they can’t.

One option could be Zion Williamson. Few rookies have had the impact that Williamson has had so far for the Pelicans. He is the most exciting players to come into the NBA in years and certainly has a buzz about him.

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Giannis Antetokounmpo is another obvious choice. The Greek Freak is the best player in basketball right now and will soon hit free agency.

Where his future lies is the biggest story in the NBA, so why not put him on the cover.


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