NBA 2K20: Top 5 dunkers in MyTEAM – Griffin, Erving, Hill & more

Part of the appeal of MyTEAM is it gives many basketball fans the ability to build the team they always dreamt of having.

You have the ability to build your team with a unique style. You can emphasize speed or power, finesse, or bully ball. You may choose to stack your team with the best dunkers, and get all the highlights with thunderous slams and posters.

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To do that, you’re going need the guys on this list.

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I haven’t included either Collector Level Rewards, Dwayne Wade and Anthony Davis, as they are 99 in almost everything.

Blake Griffin, LA Clippers (97 OVR)

Position: PF

Driving Dunk: 99

Griffin is arguably the most ferocious dunker in the game right now, and this card can deliver some monstrous jams for your MyTEAM.

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This Griffin card is ludicrously good. 92 outside scoring, 95 inside scoring, 86 defending, 94 athleticism and 97 rebounding. I mean, c’mon. His ratings are highlighted, obviously by his 99 driving dunk, but also by 92 shot 3pt, 99 standing dunk, 97 draw foul, 97 hands, and 97 offensive and defensive rebounds.

Good luck to your opponents is all I can say.

Julius Erving, Galaxy Opal Rewards (99 OVR)

Position: SF

Driving Dunk: 98

While I didn’t include Wade and Davis, as the by far and away best players in the game, this Erving card is the third best.

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His outrageous ratings include 98 shot close, 95 speed, 98 vertical, 97 driving layup, 95 hands and 95 perimeter defense. Not only is he the third best card overall, he is the best 76er and the best small forward. If you can get your hands on him he will carry your team.

Grant Hill, Galaxy Opal Rewards (99 OVR)

Position: SF

Driving Dunk: 98

We’ve mentioned the top three cards in the game, well here is the fourth best.

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He only has 80 standing dunk to go with his 98 driving dunk, but he makes up for it with 97 vertical, 95 help defense IQ, 95 pick & roll defense, 98 hands, 98 driving layup, 98 shot close, 97 shot mid and 92 shot 3pt. He can score from anywhere and is a beast defensively.

Dominique Wilkins, Triple Threat Rewards (99 OVR)

Position: SF

Driving Dunk: 98

I bet you can’t guess which card overall Williams is? The fifth best. With the nickname of the ‘Highlight Film’, it isn’t hard to see why.

98 shot close, 97 shot mid, 92 shot 3pt, 98 driving layup, 98 standing dunk, 98 driving dunk and 97 draw foul means he is a scoring machine.

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He’ll make anyone a gaming highlight reel. Add in 86 defending and 95 athleticism and this card will be worth the hassle to get it.

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Jason Richardson, Pink Diamond Rewards (96 OVR)

Position: SG

Driving Dunk: 98

Unfortunately this isn’t the sixth best card in the game, but 26th isn’t too bad.

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Compared to the guys above him he may seem like a downgrade, but he is still going to be very effective. 92 shot close, 86 shot mid, 88 shot 3pt, 90 driving layup, 90 standing dunk, 98 driving dunk, 98 vertical and 93 speed make him a huge threat.

Best Driving Dunk players in MyTEAM

Player Position Team Program Driving Dunk Overall
Anthony Davis PF New Orleans Pelicans Collector Level Rewards 99 99
Blake Griffin PF LA Clippers Free Agents 1 99 97
Julius Erving SF Philadelphia 76ers Galaxy Opal Rewards 98 99
Grant Hill SF Detroit Pistons Galaxy Opal Rewards 98 99
Dominique Wilkins SF Atlanta Hawks Triple Threat Rewards 98 99
Jason Richardson SG Golden State Warriors Pink Diamond Rewards 2 98 96
Dominique Wilkins SF Atlanta Hawks Spotlight Series 1: Isiah Thomas 98 95
Paul George SF Indiana Pacers PRIME V.I.P. 97 94
Desmond Mason SG Milwaukee Bucks Triple Threat Rewards 97 91
Cedric Ceballos SF LA Lakers Collector Level Rewards 97 85
Zach LeVine SG Minnesota Timberwolves Spotlight Series 1: Kevin Garnett 97 79
Shawn Kemp PF Seattle Supersonics Free Agents 1 96 96
Shawn Kemp PF Seattle Supersonics Pink Diamond Rewards 2 96 96
Amar’e Stoudemire PF Phoenix Suns Unlimited Players of the Month 96 96
Steve Francis PG Houston Rockets Spotlight Elite Rewards 96 95
Julius Erving SF Philadelphia 76ers PRIME V.I.P. 96 94
Andrew Wiggins SF Minnesota Timberwolves Moments of the Week 3 96 92
Darrell Griffith SG Utah Jazz PRIME V.I.P. 96 91
DeAndre Jordan C LA Clippers Amethyst Rewards 1 96 91
David Robinson C San Antonio Spurs Galaxy Opal Rewards 95 99
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